Choose a program below for a guided workout schedule and calendar based on your goals and fitness journey.

  • 20 IN 30 DAY #BelleChallenge

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    Welcome to the 20 in 30 day #BelleChallenge - your goal is to complete 20 classes in 30 days. We've included 30 classes in this challenge - 20 suggested, and 10 bonus. Follow the 5 suggested classes weekly for a 20 class challenge. Bonus days are rest days OR bonus classes are more advanced and c...

  • 4 Week: Beginner Belle Program

    4 seasons

    Follow this program if you are new to our online classes, or just getting back into movement! This is a guided 4 week program, with 3 to 4 workouts per week. Use the drop down arrow below to access each week, and click on the calendar at the bottom of the page for a detailed guide. We suggest com...

  • 5 Week: Summer Strength Challenge 2.0

    5 seasons

    The Summer Strength Challenge is BACK, start any time! 5 weeks to feel strong and empowered for summer. 5 weeks to help you crush your goals in 20 workouts. Each week sweat with us in 4 x 30 min strength classes, and tack on 1 of 4, 15 min cardio boosters OR take your cardio outside and enjoy the...

  • 30 Day Belle Challenge 2.0

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    ARE YOU READY FOR A CHALLENGE? With our guided 30 day program you will elevate your mood and strengthen your mind and body in as little as 30 min a day. Experience the best of barre, HIIT (cardio), strength and stretch, and sweat to upbeat music with fun dance based at home workouts! Our expert i...

  • Pre & Postnatal Program

    5 seasons

    Our pre and postnatal program has safe and effective workouts for every stage of your pregnancy, 1st through 4th trimester! Workouts are broken into trimesters (T1, T2, T3, T4), however every workout is great for EVERY trimester. Start with our Prenatal FAQ for everything you need to know to get ...

  • The Travel Series

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    These classes are either equipment free, or use only what you'll find in our (easily packable) signature equipment package. Great for travel, small spaces, or your home set up. Get it here: https://shop.barrebelleonline.com/collections/at-home-equipment

  • Top 10: Summer 22

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    The results are in! Your top 10 favourite videos from Summer 22 See what other Belles are loving and let us know what you think! The best part? These classes are completely free to try even if you're not a member. Happy sweating xx

    PS Want more classes? Access the entire library with 14 days fr...

  • 14 Day: Kickstart Challenge

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    Welcome to your 14 day Barre Kickstart! 10 classes in 14 days that will have you feeling stronger and more energized. Our program is a total body workout. Each class is a blend of barre based strength and cardio exercises. This kickstart will set you up for success! It's just a sample of some of ...

  • 30 Day Challenge 3.0 | Online Access

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    Are you ready? The 30 Day Challenge is back and this time, it's worldwide! Join us in studio or online for 30 classes in 30 days. With our guided program and expert instructors you'll feel strong and empowered with the entire #bellefam community by your side. Are you up for the #bellechallenge? T...

  • 5 Week: Signature Sweat Series

    5 seasons

    Join us for a 5 week challenge of SIGNATURE Barre Belle classes - Fit/Fat Burn/Ass & Abs/ and Barre X! We'll release 4 NEW signature classes each week so you can sweat along to your fav studio formats. Here's where it gets fun - choose to complete either 30 minutes or the full 60 minute version o...

  • Top 10: Best of Belle

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    The results are in! Your top 10 favourite videos of all time. See what other Belles are loving and let us know what you think!

  • 5 Week: Summer Strength Challenge

    5 seasons

    Start any time! Sign up here: https://mailchi.mp/9def652cbaf6/hjcz67nufr
    5 weeks to feel strong, confident, and healthy for the summer! 5 weeks to help you crush your goals in 20 workouts! Each week sweat with us in 4 x 30min strength focused classes, and tack on a 15min cardio booster OR enjoy y...

  • 30 Day Belle Challenge 1.0

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    Stare a challenge straight in the eye and give it a wink

    Take the guess work out of your at home workout! Commit to 30 days of sweat with our custom program of barre, HIIT, strength and stretch workouts. With each workout between 30 and 60 minutes, the time commitment is minimal but you will a...