5 Week: Signature Sweat Series

5 Week: Signature Sweat Series

5 Seasons

Join us for a 5 week challenge of SIGNATURE Barre Belle classes - Fit/Fat Burn/Ass & Abs/ and Barre X! We'll release 4 NEW signature classes each week so you can sweat along to your fav studio formats. Here's where it gets fun - choose to complete either 30 minutes or the full 60 minute version of each class! Our instructors will mark the 30min point in each class so you're welcome to tailor your workout to fit your schedule. We'll also include weekly stretch boosters for cool down options!

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5 Week: Signature Sweat Series
  • Accountability Calendar

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    Use this calendar to keep track of your progress and stay motivated throughout the 5 week Signature Sweat Series.

  • 30/60 Signature Barre Fit | Marinna

    Episode 1

    Our Barre Belle Signature Fit class is a full body workout using light weight/resistance equipment for strength. This class is a beginner/intermediate format and can be the BEST place to start because of the variation in aerobic training. With our Fit format we focus on interval training which in...

  • 30/60 Signature Barre Fat Burn | Michelle

    Episode 2

    Our Barre Belle Signature Fat Burn class is a full body workout combining strength sequences and finishing with cardio to burn glycogen first and then tap into fat to fuel your workout. When we work out at 55 to 70 percent of our max HR, our bodies uses more fat than carbohydrates for fuel. Fat B...

  • 30/60 Signature Ass & Abs | Jordan

    Episode 3

    Our Signature Ass & Abs class is a strength focused class designed to target the glutes and the core with alternating exercises. This class will build muscle strength and endurance with a very minimal amount of cardio.
    Equipment: resistance band, sliders, squishy ball
    Sweat Factor: 💧 Slight Cardi...

  • 30/60 Signature Barre X | Kristi

    Episode 4

    Our Signature Barre X class is our most advanced class. In this format we work in more complex exercises and choreography along with high intensity cardio intervals. This class is inspired by barre form and sequence but also mixes in more traditionally athletic patterns. This class is designed fo...

  • Express Stretch | Jill

    Episode 5

    Equipment: None
    Sweat Factor: 💧 No cardio
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