Use the power of your breath to go deep within. Learn how to use your breath to reduce anxiety, stress and feel calm and at peace so you can optimize your well-being.

Shannon combines her lived and work experiences to help others on their journey of health and healing. She spent 15 years in the corporate world working with companies in marketing, advertising, sales and professional/personal development. Through her own personal journey coping with stress and anxiety she started practicing more mindfulness and this led her to step away from the corporate world and create her own health and wellness business, The Collective Alchemy. She is a breathwork facilitator, Yoga Nidra instructor and Trauma of Money Coaching alumni. She loves helping you restore balance to your nervous system by empowering you to release stress, anxiety, pain, trauma and other blocks from within. She believes in holding a safe space for those looking to go deeper under the surface to release, let go, create space and seek answers from within. Her goal is to help you live a calmer, more peaceful life, increased focus, productivity and energy as well as improved sleep. Through her work she hopes to enable and empower you to live a purpose driven and meaningful life, allowing you to show up for yourself and others. And helping to remind you that you have everything you need within you – a safe and supported place to come back to. You can find her @thecollectivealchemy

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  • Letting Go Breathwork Booster | Shannon

    Ask yourself: What can I let go of at this moment? If you could let go of this one thing at this moment how would that impact the rest of your day/night. Use the power of your breath to help you do so.

  • Heart Healing Breathwork | Shannon

    This session helps you quiet your thinking mind and open your heart - a place that can share so much wisdom and guidance to you. Learn to listen to the wisdom that lies within your heart.
    Equipment: none

  • Stress & Anxiety Breathwork | Shannon

    Healing Breathwork for Reducing Stress and Anxiety: This session is focused on moving through stress and anxiety you may carry. Moving inwards to let go, release or move through it differently, leaving you feeling calmer, more relaxed and less stressed and anxious.
    Playlist: https://open.spotif...

  • Intro to Breathwork | Shannon

    Everything you need to know about getting started with the breathwork including the set-up, the technique, what to expect, and post breathwork care.

    Equipment: none
    Sweat Factor: No cardio
    Shop equipment and athleisure here:

  • Healing Breathwork Booster | Shannon

    Ask yourself: What is it that I need right now? Use this small but powerful practice to tap into exactly what you might need in this moment to bring yourself back to focus, clarity and being grounded.