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Watch this video and more on Barre Belle Online

Watch this video and more on Barre Belle Online

Up Next in Boosters | 10 - 20 Minutes

  • Week 3 BONUS - Hip & Shoulder Opener ...

    Get the most out of your workout with this pre-workout sequence. Designed to prep your nervous system, prime your joints and wake up your muscles with a full body warm up.This short hips and shoulder focused sequence is the perfect compliment to your workout.
    Feel free to use your own playlist o...

  • Week 3 MON - EMOM Express Abs | Jill

    Welcome to your 21 Day Arms & Abs challenge!
    Equipment: hand weights, squishy ball
    Sweat Factor: No cardio
    Shop equipment and athleisure here:

  • T4 Mum & Baby Back Blast Booster | Alex

    Grab your weights, and maybe your baby for this back focused burn!
    Equipment: hand weights, baby carrier (optional)
    Sweat Factor: 💧 No cardio
    Need Equipment? Or cute workout clothes? Shop here: