Belles in Cabo, Mexico

Belles in Cabo, Mexico

Meet us on the beach and sweat with us in beautiful Cabo, Mexico! You will have indefinite access to videos you purchase and be able to download the workouts. Please note all videos (including Belles in Cabo) are included in a monthly subscription.

Belles in Cabo, Mexico
  • Signature Barre Fit | Kristi

    Create the long lean muscles of a dancer with Barre Belle’s signature program. This class includes full body compound exercises, barre work, mat, and core in a 60 minute blast. Perfect for first time belles or those looking to strengthen and sculpt. You will love your life and your legs. Equipmen...

  • Express Cardio | Kristi

    Quick 8 min cardio burst with Kristi. No equipment needed.

  • Express Cardio 2.0 | Kristi

    Quick cardio burst in only 8 min. No equipment needed.

  • Express Core | Jenny

    Only 5 minute core burner with Jenny. No equipment needed

  • Express Upper Body | Jenny

    11 min express upper body focus with Jenny. Equipment: Hand weights, booty band

  • Express Booty | Jill

    15 min of strength exercises focusing on the glutes & booty! Equipment: Booty band

  • Express Legs | Jill

    10 min only in this express leg workout. Equipment: Booty Band

  • Signature Barre Fat Burn 1.0 | Jill

    We take our signature barre class to the next level in this 60min class! Barre work warms you up for added cardio blasts with intense plyometric movement. You will burn calories and fat! Equipment: Booty Band, Hand Weights

  • Signature Barre X 1.0 | Jenny

    This class is a true game changer with 60 minutes of high intensity intervals. Using the barre, resistant bands, steps, and smash balls, this cardio-based class torches calories and gets you fast results. Sweat Guaranteed. No sneakers needed. 2-3 classes are recommended for beginner Belles before...