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Watch this video and more on Barre Belle Online

Watch this video and more on Barre Belle Online

Up Next in 40 - 50 Min Classes

  • Full Body X-treme | Maddie

    Equipment: heavy weights (5-15 lbs)
    Sweat Factor: 💧 Slight Cardio
    Shop equipment and athleisure here:

  • Signature Barre Fat Burn | Jordan

    Our Barre Belle Signature Fat Burn class is a full body workout combining strength sequences and finishing with cardio to burn glycogen first and then tap into fat to fuel your workout. When we work out at 55 to 70 percent of our max HR, our bodies uses more fat than carbohydrates for fuel. Fat B...

  • August 22 Sunday Service Strength | M...

    Nothing but strength in this Sunday Service Strength class with Marinna! Sunday Service drops every Sunday morning.
    Equipment: Hand weights, resistance band, squishy ball
    Sweat Factor: 💧 No cardio
    Need Equipment? Or cute workout clothes? Shop here: